Rail transhipment

Rail transhipment

imageBeing centrally located in the heart of Laprairie, near the major roads of the metropolis, Brasseur Transport offers its clients rail access in order to perform transshipments of products, which allows customers to achieve significant savings in their transportation costs. In addition, rail access allows you to reduce GHG emissions and promotes energy efficiency improvements in road transportation.

With more than 30 parking spaces inside and out, the transshipment center allows you to accommodate a large amount of liquid or dry products. As such, Brasseur Transport's customers have the opportunity to proceed with the transshipment of their products directly from wagon to tank, or to keep them in storage for a few days. The products will be placed in 1500 KG totes, or in a silo. The four silos installed at Brasseur Transport's facilities are available to its clients and can each contain up to 110,000 kilograms of a single product. As such, more than 800,000 kilograms of products in transit can be stored at Brasseur Transport's facilities.

Furthermore, the facilities at Brasseur Transport are able to meet the specific requirements of certain products, such as mixing and wagon heating. This is in order to facilitate the transshipment of liquid food products and chemical or granulated products.

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