A partnership that ROCKS !

Friday, 18 September 2015 00:00

For the opening of the Videotron center in Quebec city, Budweiser and Brasseur Transport have worked together to transform a tank and a truck to represent the legends of the rock; Metallica.


From the hood to the last axle, the tank was coated in black with metalic ligthning and stood  in front of the main entry of the new born second largest sport center in the province. 


The unit offered the center a grand opening ceremony; a platform was place along  in the sides of the tank to have the participants feel like rock stars and leave their marks on the special edition tanker. 


With the energy and the vibration of the legends and more than 20 000 faithful rock fans even more noisy than the horn of the Budweiser truck, with the power of the rock we created the best rock star beer!!!


The beer that we proudly transported all week long will be available for a limited time as of September 28.


The special unit will rock the road until the October 15! You will have the chance to cross the Budweiser / Metallica tanker on the roads of Quebec and Canada. Until then feel free to leave your mark on the most legendary ROCK’N’ROLL truck-tanker of the history!! 




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