The fleet of more than 150 tanks is composed of 2, 3 or 4 axles self-steering semi-trailers which allows the company to meet the various needs of its clients in term of weight and quantity, depending on the density of the product for each service request. The tanks are fitted with stainless steel hydraulic pumps, steam catchers and air compressors. Some tanks are equipped with special permits for certain US states.

Their certifications:

  • HM183,
  • B620,
  • Food.
Type B road trains and dual tanks

Brasseur Transport offers its clients the possibility to pick up and deliver more than a single product per trip. In addition, this type of equipment allows a greater amount of product inside the tanks for each load. Finally, these devices allow to make multiple deliveries, therefore allowing deliveries to multiple clients which enables business to achieve savings.

Bulk / Blower

Tanks equipped with blowers able to handle dry or granulated products are specialized equipment specific to tank transportation. Bulk units are equipped with more than four internal vibrating cones which lets the content leave the tank more easily than with other types of tanks. In addition, they are equipped with a dust collector which allows closed-circuit offloading.

Vacuum Truck

This type of equipment allows the company to pump and suck products various liquid, semi-liquid and muddy products.


For a number of years, the company has owned a heavy weight scale in order to be more effective and accurate with respect to the weight of the product inside the tank during the deliveries. Clients can now know exactly the quantity of product which will be shipped or received.

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